Meet Sabre and Sage, the two cats that are the namesake for this website and brand. Sabre is the torbie. Sage is the dilute calico. This is their story.

They are litter mates, born on August 4, 2017 in Houston, Tx. At this time Hurricane Harvey decimated the city causing widespread flooding and damage. Thanks to a brave soul, Sabre and Sage’s entire litter was driven from Houston to the Austin Pets Alive kitten nursery in Austin, Tx. About the same day their litter arrived two people that wanted to help with the influx of rescue animals showed up looking for foster kittens and were handed these two. Their foster parents were first time fosters and knew next to nothing about raising kittens. The first night in their temporary home Sage, then deemed “Apricot” by APA, started throwing up. The next morning Sabre, codenamed “Appletini”, also threw up.

The 4 week old kittens were rushed to APA kitten hospital where they were tested positive for Panleukopenia. Devastated, their foster parents released them to the hospital for treatment. After an agonizing several days in the hospital the vets asked if the foster parents could continue at-home care. The shelter was overflowing with rescues due to the hurricane and they could have really used the space. The foster parents agreed to continue at-home care unbeknownst to them what that entailed.

So the foster parents returned to the kitten hospital the next day to receive training on how to continue care at home. This included antibiotic shots, daily fluid injections, oral injections and feedings every four hours. Thankfully they knew a phlebotomist that could help with the in-home injections.(It really does take a village.) After about 5 days of intense monitoring, the kittens were putting on weight and back to normal. Yay!

After nursing the kittens back to health, Sabre and Sage’s foster parents decided they had to adopt them. As soon as APA allows (after the spay/neuter surgery) the adoption papers were signed. To commemorate the event the kittens received their first cat tree. Their names were also properly changed from Appletini and Apricot (their codenames from the shelter) to Sabre and Sage.

For the next 6 months the kittens grew and learned all sorts of things. They were harness and then leash trained. They learned simple commands like sit and hi-five. They regularly went canoeing, kayaking, hiking and paddleboarding. They took long car rides and went on daily walks around the neighborhood. (The neighborhood being all of Austin.) The owners learned things too, like how to train a cat, and how to learn how to train a cat (a whole lot of googling and trial and error).

The kittens had their first Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter and the start of an amazing first summer. Their adventures continued until they were about 10 months old, in June, when both Sabre and then Sage developed conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye. Their owners noticed that Sabre was very squinty and not as playful. Sabre was a very active cat so not running around bouncing off the walls was not normal for her. Knowing the eyes of a cat are often the first indicators of health problems, Sabre and Sage were rushed to the vet.

There it was confirmed they both had pink eye. Treatment involved a week of eye drops every 8 hours, followed by a week of eye ointment twice a day, when the drops didn’t work. After a long couple of weeks on house arrest to prevent allergens from aggravating the eye infections, the vet gave Sabre and Sage the go-ahead to resume their adventurous lives. Since then they have continued learning and growing. They may have also received quite a few new toys since then.

Sabre and Sage are now 11 months old. Their first birthday is coming up shortly in August (which there will be balloons and a cat cake). They still have a lot to learn and so do their owners. Hopefully you can learn from our successes/failures and figure out what’s best for you and your cat (cats?) along the way.